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Best Black Friday New Car Deals

2013 Nissan Maxima

Shoppers looking for bargains on Black Friday can save a lot more money shopping for a car than standing in line for a deal on a television or iPad. November is almost over and so is 2013 so car dealers are really pushing to move cars this weekend. You’ll also avoid the crowds and parking hassles at the mall.

Consumer Reports Names Top Scoring Cars for 2013

BMW 135i - Top Scoring Car

Ever since Consumer Reports named the Tesla Model S the “Best Car They’ve Ever Tested”, car buyers have wondered how they can get a top scoring car without spending $90,000 and up to get a Tesla of their own.  Thankfully, just ahead of the “

Best Car Deals for Memorial Day

Memorial Day Deals on Vehicles like Chevy Silverado

In honor of Memorial Day Consumer Reports has put together a list of the “Best new car deals on American cars for Memorial Day 2013” featuring models offering at

Best New Car Deals For Presidents Day 2013

With President's Day right around the corner, what better to celebrate than finding a way to save some Benjamins? :)  When it comes to finding a great new car deal this February, the good folks over at and Consumer Reports have done some analysis to help buyers identify those cars and trucks that have high incentives on them as dealers try to make the most of the President's Day Weekend Car Deals.

On both lists, the 2013 Nissan Maxima is high on the charts as the car with the highest discounts available right now vs. MSRP.